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Swing : Table Row Displayer in Dialog

Tables are great for displaying a matrix of information, however they show their limitations when they are showing a lot of columns, or they have columns displaying large amounts of text. For example : A lot of applications I have … Continue reading

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UML Tip : Showing Multiplicity in a Class

Sometimes UML diagrams get too big. You want to show all the important relationships, but everything is starting to look like a big mess. In UML it is possible to represent multiplicity in a class. Say I have a Patient, … Continue reading

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Review of Java Rich-Web frameworks (A comparison of ZK, GWT, Echo2, Vaadin and Icefaces)

This article is going to do a review of a number of Java based RIA Frameworks. That is, frameworks which allow the developer to develop the GUI code in pure Java. The GUI produced should display in a web browser, … Continue reading

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Swing Filtered Tree Just Like in Eclipse

Eclipse has a pretty nice widget. It’s basically a tree with a text field above it. As you type in the text field, the tree gets filtered. I built one in Swing. Continue reading

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