Swing Textfield/TextArea Collapse on Dialog Resize

You might be working with Swing’s GridBagLayout and feel a little like …

this guy

because you see something like this :

when all you wanted was this:

This is because you are adding text to JTextArea. This causes a scrollbar to appear, which effectively increases the size of the component… and this really confuses the gridbag manager.

If the text you add ino the text area is only a few words it should look fine, like the second screenshot, but as soon as the text in the text area overshoots, scrollbars appear and the widget collapses.

I won’t go into the complexities of this problem. Needless to say the simple solution is to set the weights to 1.0 on the constraints :

You can reproduce this problem with some code that I have produced. Just uncomment lines 86 and 87. Notice the difference?

A more detailed examination of this problem can be found here :


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One Response to Swing Textfield/TextArea Collapse on Dialog Resize

  1. Fulvio says:

    THANKS a lot! <3
    I had the same annoying problem on a GUI, but for me the collapsing was only vertical, and it was appearing only from time to time, making impossible for me to find out the problem.

    This, however, fixed it!

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