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Why Implements is ‘Evil’

I stumbled across this really old article titled ‘Why Extends Is Evil’ by Allen Holub. A solid bunch of OO practitioners out there seem to think along the lines of what this article is stating, namely, that using ‘extends’ is … Continue reading

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Advanced Swing Multithreading Tutorial

A lot of Swing tutorials on the internet focus on SwingWorkers and dealing with a single thread running concurrently to the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT). This tutorial is going to look at some more tricky techniques and traps that one … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Your Java Class

Just like some people clutter their aparments with abdominal exercise machines and informercial food processors, programmers also clutter their classes with well meaning, but ultimately useless features. You want to give the next visitor to your class a sense of … Continue reading

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