Swing Error Dialog with Exception Displayer

When you get an error popup dialog in your application, sometimes you want to quickly have a look at what the exception is, instead of having to rummage around for a log file. This component, “ErrorDialogWithException” allows you to pop up a text area in a panel below the main dialog area.

Closed :


Open :


As a developer developing an application it is nice to get a quick look at what the problem is, and it can also be helpful for regular users calling support with the problem, as they can easily copy and paste the text from the text area.

 How to use it :

Use the ExceptionDialog in catch statements like in the code snippet below :


Code :


Feel free to use this component. Please leave a comment!

This component is also in the swing library project on Github : https://github.com/oliverwatkins/swing_library


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