Swing Bubble Charts

Iceberg Charts also allows you to create bubble charts. Here’s an example I created :


The chart displays all the states in the USA comparing ‘Gun Ownership’ against ‘Homicide Rate’. I got this data from Wikipedia, and set up the code like this :

There are a few important things you need to consider :


You need to give a bubble chart a factor to multiply the magnitude by so that it scales nicely with the X or Y axis. If we did not have a factor then population variable (ie. the circle size) will be far too big to get any decent graph. It needs to be scaled down (in this case by 0.0000001), so that the circles are a nice size in the graph.


The color is blended with red, and also has some transparancy. This helps identify bubbles that might be hidden behind other bubbles. I may look into customizing the bubble coloring/gradients etc.

Multi Series

Multi-series bubble charts are possible. The following example shows how you can do two series bubble charts :





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