Iceberg Charts Beta Release

Iceberg Charts finally has had its first release.

This beta release can be found here :

or from Github here :

It’s taken me many hours to come up with this charting library that attempts to compete with JFreechart and other swing charting libraries out there. My aim is to offer a better charting experience with more types of charts, and a friendlier API than what is out there.

Here is a  quick introduction :


Getting Started..

Here is the most basic way of creating a chart with Iceberg Charts. Although more complex constructors are usually used to customize a chart, some basic constructors can help you get started very quickly.

The chart you will see will look like this :

Iceberg Charts automatically fits the data onto a chart with an x-axis and y-axis that have a scale which represents the data in a way which is easy on the eye.

Many Series..

Let’s have a look at more than one data series. Let’s create a number data lists and use a different constructor.

If you run this code then you should see something like this :

In an XY Chart data series differ from each other usually by color and/or line style. Iceberg Charts chooses a style for you. Of course everything in Iceberg charts is configurable, including the data series styles, but one of Iceberg Charts principles is ‘ease of use’ and a number of simple constructors are exposed where Iceberg Charts does most of the work for you.





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