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Simple Navigation Menu in AngularJS

I struggled for about half a day trying to get some sort of menu system in AngularJS working. It seems very trivial, and in jQuery it is a breeze, but with angularJS it took a bit of searching and fiddling … Continue reading

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Iceberg Charts Beta Release

Iceberg Charts finally has had its first release. This beta release can be found here : or from Github here : It’s taken me many hours to come up with this charting library that attempts to compete with JFreechart … Continue reading

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First AngularJS Application

I created my first AngularJS application. It is a simple application that allows a user to create a pie chart. You can have a look at it in action if you click on this link : I wanted a … Continue reading

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Extjs Widget Factory

What every good extjs application needs is a Widget Factory. Over time our project team gravitated naturally to this pattern, and suspect it is a common pattern in the community. Let me break it down.. When developing an extjs GUI … Continue reading

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Swing Bubble Charts

Iceberg Charts also allows you to create bubble charts. Here’s an example I created : The chart displays all the states in the USA comparing ‘Gun Ownership’ against ‘Homicide Rate’. I got this data from Wikipedia, and set up the … Continue reading

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Java Swing Equation Builder

  A few years ago back in 2006 I created a Swing component called ‚Equation Builder‘. It builds equations in the natural visual style that you get when writing on paper. You can build some pretty cool looking equations like … Continue reading

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Cool Accordian Outlookbar in Swing

A while back I created a component that is a simple accordian component that can be used in any swing application. I have massively improved this component. Let’s have a look at it :   Improvements are : Animation! Yes … Continue reading

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Swing Error Dialog with Exception Displayer

When you get an error popup dialog in your application, sometimes you want to quickly have a look at what the exception is, instead of having to rummage around for a log file. This component, “ErrorDialogWithException” allows you to pop … Continue reading

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Simple Login Dialog in Java Swing

Here is a simple login dialog for anyone to use for free. It looks like this : Creating a login dialog is not rocket science, however I come across login dialogs all the time. It’s just nice to not have … Continue reading

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Creating a RCP Application in Netbeans – [Part 2]

Adding a Module with Functionality. In our last tutorial we made a pretty bare bones application with nothing in it. We made two modules – a branding module that offers a splash screen and an application module that acts as … Continue reading

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