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Extjs Widget Factory

What every good extjs application needs is a Widget Factory. Over time our project team gravitated naturally to this pattern, and suspect it is a common pattern in the community. Let me break it down.. When developing an extjs GUI … Continue reading

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Swing Bubble Charts

Iceberg Charts also allows you to create bubble charts. Here’s an example I created : The chart displays all the states in the USA comparing ‘Gun Ownership’ against ‘Homicide Rate’. I got this data from Wikipedia, and set up the … Continue reading

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Java Swing Equation Builder

  A few years ago back in 2006 I created a Swing component called ‚Equation Builder‘. It builds equations in the natural visual style that you get when writing on paper. You can build some pretty cool looking equations like … Continue reading

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Cool Accordian Outlookbar in Swing

A while back I created a component that is a simple accordian component that can be used in any swing application. I have massively improved this component. Let’s have a look at it :   Improvements are : Animation! Yes … Continue reading

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Swing Error Dialog with Exception Displayer

When you get an error popup dialog in your application, sometimes you want to quickly have a look at what the exception is, instead of having to rummage around for a log file. This component, “ErrorDialogWithException” allows you to pop … Continue reading

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Simple Login Dialog in Java Swing

Here is a simple login dialog for anyone to use for free. It looks like this : Creating a login dialog is not rocket science, however I come across login dialogs all the time. It’s just nice to not have … Continue reading

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Creating a RCP Application in Netbeans – [Part 2]

Adding a Module with Functionality. In our last tutorial we made a pretty bare bones application with nothing in it. We made two modules – a branding module that offers a splash screen and an application module that acts as … Continue reading

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Row Number Column in JTable

Ever wanted to have a number column in your JTable similar to Excel? This utility class I made takes in a JTable and appends a number column. Let’s take a look at it! The rendering of the number column matches … Continue reading

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Javascript Framework Review

Recently I had to do a Javascript Framework evaluation for a client. Prerequisites for the frameworks was that the framework should have sophisticated tables (aka Grids) and sophisticated dialogs. Also of interest in our evaluation was if the framework could do … Continue reading

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What is a Tree Table?

One of the most advanced GUI Components is the treetable. It looks really fancy, but what exactly is it and what scenarios can it be used with? As the name suggests a treetable is a melding of a table and … Continue reading

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