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Simple Pie Chart in React

Oh boy, it’s been over a year since I last posted. Too much learning, and trying to keep my head above water with all that’s new in the javascript eco-system. Anyway here is a very simple pie chart as a … Continue reading

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Area Charts in Iceberg Charts

It is now possible to create area charts in Iceberg Charts that look something like this : This area chart behaves pretty much like a linear XY-chart with the area to the X-axis filled in. The code looks something like … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot Set in Java

Mandelbrot Set in Java with Iceberg Charts The Mandelbrot Set is one of the most famous images in all of mathematics. It is a set of complex numbers which do not escape when applied to a simple methematical formula. You … Continue reading

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The Problem with Extjs these days

I really like Extjs. But I have found myself struggling with Extjs in recent times and questioning the overall philosophy and direction of the framework. Configuration over convention? There is this sense to me that Extjs is becoming too over-configurable. … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of using GIT over other version control systems


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Simple Navigation Menu in AngularJS

I struggled for about half a day trying to get some sort of menu system in AngularJS working. It seems very trivial, and in jQuery it is a breeze, but with angularJS it took a bit of searching and fiddling … Continue reading

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Iceberg Charts Beta Release

Iceberg Charts finally has had its first release. This beta release can be found here : or from Github here : It’s taken me many hours to come up with this┬ácharting library that attempts to compete with JFreechart … Continue reading

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First AngularJS Application

I created my first AngularJS application. It is a simple application that allows a user to create a pie chart. You can have a look at it in action if you click on this link : I wanted a … Continue reading

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Extjs Widget Factory

What every good extjs application needs is a Widget Factory. Over time our project team gravitated naturally to this pattern, and suspect it is a common pattern in the community. Let me break it down.. When developing an extjs GUI … Continue reading

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Swing Bubble Charts

Iceberg Charts also allows you to create bubble charts. Here’s an example I created : The chart displays all the states in the USA comparing ‘Gun Ownership’ against ‘Homicide Rate’. I got this data from Wikipedia, and set up the … Continue reading

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