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Simple Navigation Menu in AngularJS

I struggled for about half a day trying to get some sort of menu system in AngularJS working. It seems very trivial, and in jQuery it is a breeze, but with angularJS it took a bit of searching and fiddling … Continue reading

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Javascript Framework Review

Recently I had to do a Javascript Framework evaluation for a client. Prerequisites for the frameworks was that the framework should have sophisticated tables (aka Grids) and sophisticated dialogs. Also of interest in our evaluation was if the framework could do … Continue reading

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Loading Spinner with jQuery Promises

In your website you want to call a web service that performs some long running task. It may be loading a large set of data or performing a complex calculation on the server, so you want to animate a spinner or … Continue reading

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Using JSDoc

Enhancing Javascript with JSDoc and JSDoc-checking IDEs JSDoc is a way of documentating Javascript much like JavaDoc and Java annotations for Java. JSDoc does pretty much the same thing. It documents and annotates Javascript elements. However given that Javascript has … Continue reading

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Simple Piechart in HTML5 and Javascript

I created a little pie-chart component in Javascript for anyone who wants to spice up the HTML5 webs-site. Basically the requirements are that you define the slices like this:

The slices object contains two arrays in it. The first … Continue reading

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Javascript IDE Review

…a look at refactoring, intellisense, navigability, and usability. As agile software development becomes more commonplace, it becomes more and more essential that the tools we use allow us to develop software in a fast and flexible fashion. Particularly important is … Continue reading

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JSTabbedPane: Simple Tabbed Pane for Javascript

There are a number of tabbed pane components out there in Javascript world. But most of the tabbed panes out there are provided just as a javascript library, and have been minified/obfuscated making tweaks difficult. JSTabbedPane is a slick and … Continue reading

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Contructors and Inheritance in Javascript

  There is a really great article on inheritance in Javascript tucked away in the Rochester Institute of Technology website : Dated from 1997 and very hard to find using Google, this article offered me the perfect solution to … Continue reading

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Abstract Methods and Polymorphism in Javascript.

JavaScript doesn’t allow abstract methods. If you are developing JavaScript in an object-oriented style, you need to be aware of what methods your object should or should not have. Inheritance allows for polymorphism, and achieving polymorphism is further enhanced by … Continue reading

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