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Swing Bubble Charts

Iceberg Charts also allows you to create bubble charts. Here’s an example I created : The chart displays all the states in the USA comparing ‘Gun Ownership’ against ‘Homicide Rate’. I got this data from Wikipedia, and set up the … Continue reading

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Java Swing Equation Builder

  A few years ago back in 2006 I created a Swing component called ‚Equation Builder‘. It builds equations in the natural visual style that you get when writing on paper. You can build some pretty cool looking equations like … Continue reading

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JSTabbedPane: Simple Tabbed Pane for Javascript

There are a number of tabbed pane components out there in Javascript world. But most of the tabbed panes out there are provided just as a javascript library, and have been minified/obfuscated making tweaks difficult. JSTabbedPane is a slick and … Continue reading

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MVC pattern in Javascript. An example..

If you are unfortunate enough to be a Java developer who has to develop in Javascript, you will want to start using design patterns, or your javascript code is quickly going to resemble a train wreck. One of the most … Continue reading

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Swing Textfield/TextArea Collapse on Dialog Resize

You might be working with Swing’s GridBagLayout and feel a little like … this guy because you see something like this : when all you wanted was this: This is because you are adding text to JTextArea. This causes a … Continue reading

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Review of Java Rich-Web frameworks (A comparison of ZK, GWT, Echo2, Vaadin and Icefaces)

This article is going to do a review of a number of Java based RIA Frameworks. That is, frameworks which allow the developer to develop the GUI code in pure Java. The GUI produced should display in a web browser, … Continue reading

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It’s Better to Gray Out… than it is to Fade Away

It’s quite often for a company to have a super-GUI, an enterprise level GUI that contains almost all the GUIs needed for the operation of the company. Often the GUI has a name like ‘ACME Internet Manager’, ubiquitous, because there … Continue reading

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