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Maven Tutorial

..FOR dummys, duffers and the perpetually confused. Maven is a system for building software; a build automation tool that helps you ship out your software. If you have the vaguest understanding of Maven, you will also know that there is … Continue reading

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Multi Level Pie Chart in Java

Update ! This pie chart compoment has now been moved into the Iceberg Charts project . Please use Iceberg Charts for a more complete charting experience. Pie charts are pretty boring. I hadn’t found anything out there which resembled a … Continue reading

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Setting up an Oracle Database in Glassfish for JEE Applications

Setting up an Oracle database connection in Glassfish 4 is relatively simple, but can be confusing and a little frustrating at times. Hopefully this mini tutorial will get you up and running quickly and painlessly. Setup Pool Select Resources –> … Continue reading

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Swing and Design Patterns – Part 4. Mediator Pattern

Assume we have a component hierarchy that looks like the following diagram. Some component on one branch (say a button), wants to update something on another branch (say text in a text field). This scenario occurs very often in complex … Continue reading

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Abstract Methods and Polymorphism in Javascript.

JavaScript doesn’t allow abstract methods. If you are developing JavaScript in an object-oriented style, you need to be aware of what methods your object should or should not have. Inheritance allows for polymorphism, and achieving polymorphism is further enhanced by … Continue reading

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Selenium tests over Multiple Browsers

The Selenium API is great for writing Java tests for web applications. An important aspect of it is the ability to quickly regression test over multiple browsers. A common pattern I ise is shown in the following code snippet. A … Continue reading

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Monty Hall Problem in Java

I recently stumbled across something called the Monty Hall Problem. It is a basic probability problem that seems mind blowingly non-intuative to most people. There are a lot of descriptions on this on the web, but basically the problem is … Continue reading

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Setting a Conditional on a Breakpoint in Eclipse

Sometimes when you are debugging your program in Eclipse you will be using breakpoints within program loops. What can be really frustrating is when this loop is really large and the particular iteration you are interested is hundreds of iterations … Continue reading

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GridBagLayout Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to construct a complex Java Swing GUI using the GridBagLayout. Let’s assume you have received a protoype sketch of how an application screen should look like, which you have been assigned to create : It … Continue reading

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java.lang.VerifyError: Illegal target of jump or branch … possible cause!

I got this error the other day. It usually happens when you have crazy methods which are too long. But in my situation that wasn’t the case. I found out through trial and error that I was throwing a RuntimeException … Continue reading

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