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Iceberg Charts Beta Release

Iceberg Charts finally has had its first release. This beta release can be found here : http://frontangle.com/icharts/ or from Github here : https://github.com/oliverwatkins/Iceberg-Charts/releases It’s taken me many hours to come up with this charting library that attempts to compete with JFreechart … Continue reading

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What is a Tree Table?

One of the most advanced GUI Components is the treetable. It looks really fancy, but what exactly is it and what scenarios can it be used with? As the name suggests a treetable is a melding of a table and … Continue reading

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Creating a simple RCP app with Netbeans and Maven

Netbeans offers a powerful way of modularising a desktop application. In this tutorial we will be creating a simple application. While this tutorial does not showcase many benefits of the netbeans rich client platform (more to come in other tutorials!), … Continue reading

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Using JSDoc

Enhancing Javascript with JSDoc and JSDoc-checking IDEs JSDoc is a way of documentating Javascript much like JavaDoc and Java annotations for Java. JSDoc does pretty much the same thing. It documents and annotates Javascript elements. However given that Javascript has … Continue reading

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Maven Tutorial

..FOR dummys, duffers and the perpetually confused. Maven is a system for building software; a build automation tool that helps you ship out your software. If you have the vaguest understanding of Maven, you will also know that there is … Continue reading

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Swing and Web Services Tutorial

Swing and web services have been around for many years, however it has only been in recent times that things have gotten much easier in implementing web services and building complex Swing applications. This is mainly due to improvements in … Continue reading

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Swing and Design Patterns – Part 4. Mediator Pattern

Assume we have a component hierarchy that looks like the following diagram. Some component on one branch (say a button), wants to update something on another branch (say text in a text field). This scenario occurs very often in complex … Continue reading

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Setting a Conditional on a Breakpoint in Eclipse

Sometimes when you are debugging your program in Eclipse you will be using breakpoints within program loops. What can be really frustrating is when this loop is really large and the particular iteration you are interested is hundreds of iterations … Continue reading

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GridBagLayout Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to construct a complex Java Swing GUI using the GridBagLayout. Let’s assume you have received a protoype sketch of how an application screen should look like, which you have been assigned to create : It … Continue reading

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Advanced Swing Multithreading Tutorial

A lot of Swing tutorials on the internet focus on SwingWorkers and dealing with a single thread running concurrently to the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT). This tutorial is going to look at some more tricky techniques and traps that one … Continue reading

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