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UML Fundamentals Exam. A few tips on passing..

I just recently passed the OMG UML fundamentals exam with 81%. Here are some tips : Make sure you can decipher a sequence diagram with asynchronous messages that cross over each other (ie. are not parallel to each other). A … Continue reading

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Reading through the UML specifications I came across the XOR constraint (a UML predefined constraint). Thinking this would make a nice UML Tip nugget, I tried to dig deeper into this obscure little creature. Lets have a look at four … Continue reading

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Why Implements is ‘Evil’

I stumbled across this really old article titled ‘Why Extends Is Evil’ by Allen Holub. A solid bunch of OO practitioners out there seem to think along the lines of what this article is stating, namely, that using ‘extends’ is … Continue reading

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UML Tip : Showing Multiplicity in a Class

Sometimes UML diagrams get too big. You want to show all the important relationships, but everything is starting to look like a big mess. In UML it is possible to represent multiplicity in a class. Say I have a Patient, … Continue reading

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