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What is a Tree Table?

One of the most advanced GUI Components is the treetable. It looks really fancy, but what exactly is it and what scenarios can it be used with? As the name suggests a treetable is a melding of a table and … Continue reading

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Review of Java Rich-Web frameworks (A comparison of ZK, GWT, Echo2, Vaadin and Icefaces)

This article is going to do a review of a number of Java based RIA Frameworks. That is, frameworks which allow the developer to develop the GUI code in pure Java. The GUI produced should display in a web browser, … Continue reading

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Swing Filtered Tree Just Like in Eclipse

Eclipse has a pretty nice widget. It’s basically a tree with a text field above it. As you type in the text field, the tree gets filtered. I built one in Swing. Continue reading

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It’s Better to Gray Out… than it is to Fade Away

It’s quite often for a company to have a super-GUI, an enterprise level GUI that contains almost all the GUIs needed for the operation of the company. Often the GUI has a name like ‘ACME Internet Manager’, ubiquitous, because there … Continue reading

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